Here are some additional resources to help you go deeper into the material that I’m covering in the book.

Adcritic is a portion of the website “Creativity” and has articles and examples of commercials.

The American Cinema Editors has a website and magazine with interviews and articles about the art and personalities of editors.

The American Society of Cinematographers has one of the best magazines, the American Cinematographer, available today. It includes articles on the field, as well as book and DVD reviews that are incredibly helpful for those of you who are looking to see how top professionals in this field think.

Art Directors Wiki.  This is where I got Alex McDowell’s Production Design Mandala that I used in Chapter 4, Production Design.

The Art Directors Guild publishes a fascinating magazine, which gives a look into the mind of production designers and art director: “Perspectives Magazine

Screenwriter John August’s website is personal, detailed and very honest. It has grown way beyond a blog into a fantastic resource for filmmakers.

Boards Magazine, features the world of commercials, with sample commercials and a number of articles about the art and business of making them.  they also publish a magazine, Boards, with much of the content available on the site.

Top film scholars David Bordwell and Kristen Thompson’s website On Cinema is always incredibly thought-provoking. There is also some great discussion about fair use for filmmakers.

The British Film Institute publishes the well-known and deservedly respected journal “Sight and Sound”. It, and a lot of other content, is available on their website.

Ray Carney’s website has detailed article on John Cassavetes. and independent film.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine has a great podcast, an insightful magazine and an extremely helpful website. Its interviews are consistently among the most detailed in the business and give a great insight into how writers write.

The Editors Guild has a great magazine and a website with interviews with many top editors in all fields. For emerging filmmakers.  There is an interesting page on what producers do in the filmmaking process.

The site Film Reference, has a large number of articles which organize film thought and production into topic areas such as “Criticism,” “Awards,” “ideology,” “Actors an d Actresses” and many more. has a thorough description of THE GODFATHER, written by Tim Dirks. The site, as a whole, is devoted to lists and articles of interest to film fans. is a website with a comprehensive series of articles on all aspects on sound design in film, written by some of the top practitioners in the field.

fxguide. A website about the world of visual effects creation, with news and interviews.

Hollyn-wood. My blog about media, technology and the future.

The Independent Magazine covers the news, politics and artistry of independent filmmaking.

Internet Encyclopedia of Cinematographers. Just what it says it is—an international listing of cinematographers, with interviews.

The Internet Movie Database is one of the pre-eminent lists of film and television credits on the web.

Interviewing Hollywood. This site has a lot of video content of interviews of top directors, producers and actors, divided into specific short subjects that make grazing them very easy.

KenRadio is a website with news about the media, entertainment and technology areas. Ken Rutkowski and Andy Abramson talk every day about the latest developments in these three spheres and put them into a global perspective.

MovieMaker Magazine.  A good source for interviews with established and emerging filmmakers. provides a great Entertinament Industry Glossary.

A scholarly, but fascinating, magazine that critically studies the art form of film is called Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

Producers Guild of America.

Senses of Cinema. An incredibly interesting website devoted to the study of film, in all of its artistic depth.

Splice Here. Steve Cohen’s informative blog about editing.

Studio Daily This is a great source for articles about the people behind the scenes of media creation—film, television, commercials, web-based media, and more. It is both technical and personal, with some great interviews with creative personnel.

Streaming Media Magazine. A great and detailed magazine devoted to technical and other issues in the ever developing world of online media.

Strictly Film School is a large website devoted to in-depth articles about filmmakers and their work.

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